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2B acid

1, General name:2B acid
2, Chemical name:2-Chloro-4-Aminotoluene-5-Sulphonic Acid
3, Structural formula:

4, Molecular formula:C7H6ClNO3S, Molecular weight:221.5
5, Properties: Industrial grade is white or light red powder, with slight ammonia odor. Flash point >240℃.
6, Specification:

Appearance: white or light red powder
Purity, (wt)%: ≥98.0
Moisture, (wt)%: ≤1.0
Insoluble matter in alkali, (wt)% ≤0.5
Ash, % ≤0.5

7, Uses:an important organic Pigment intermediate.
8, Storage: Kept in ventilating place, far away from oxidant, heat, fire and flame.
9, Cautions: Wear goggles and glass mask, gloves and gas mask. flammability: its powder is low flammable. Fire fight media:water, CO2 and dry chemicals. Fire fight guide: cooling the packing vessel with cold water, clean the stored place, do not contact with the gas or wear the defence equipment. It will release gas when it is fired.