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Sodium metabisulfite

1, Introduction:
Synonyms:Sodium Pyrosulfite;sodium pyrosulfite .
CAS No.:7681-57-4
Formula Weight:190.09
white crystalline powder with odor of sulfur dioxide,odorless after drying,soluble in water and glyceryl alcohol, its solubility is in direct proportion to the temperature,slightly soluble in alcohol. Its water solution is acidic and easy to lose SO2 while being exposure in air and oxided as Na2SO4. Or it may decompose SO2 while being heat and melting point is 150℃.
2,Main useness:
Bisulfites are used in pharma industry, rubber industry,leather processing, textile and the bleaching in organic compound, printing and dying reagent, dechloride reagent, reductive reagent being used in photo(preparation of hydantoinate), rubber solidification, spice air sensitive industry, reduction in chemical industry,bleaching reagent,antioxidant and preservative reagent for food,berverage and bamboo product. Bisulfites are also used in chloroform,phenprofone,phenyl aldehyde,vanilic aldehyde,hydroxylamine hydrochloride and so on.
3, Specification:

Item Result
Content Na2S2O5% > 98
SO2% > 66
thiosulfate salt S2O3% ≤0.04
Fe Fe% ≤0.0005
Heavy metal Pb% ≤0.001
4, Hazardous:
Strongly reducibility.Can strongly react with strong oxidant such as chromic acid anhydride,chloric acid salt and potassium permanganate and so on. It may explode and burn while reacting with the above compound.
5, Storage:
kept in drying and ventilating house. Far away from fire and heat. Airtight container. Separately from oxidant, acid, edible chemcials. Don't being kept for too long time in order to prevent from deterioration. There should be suitable equipments for collecting leaking one in warehouse.