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70% Ammonium bisulphite solution (Photographic grade)

1, English name:Ammonium bisulphite solution
2, Molecular formula: NH4HSO3
3, Molecular weight: 99.10
4, Properties: light yellow liquid, has slight sulphur dioxide smell. Relative density (70%): 1.4. The solution assumes the subacidity, also can react with the acid, also can react with the alkali. Has the reducibility, is easily oxidized in the air. Meets the heat, it will release the sulphur dioxide.
5, Technical index :

Photographic grade
clear, light yellow Liquid
Assay w /w %
PH( Tech 20°C)
Fe w/w %≤

6, Packing:270kg plastic drum
7, Uses: May use in the dye intermediate synthesis, surfactant,pesticide weed killer and the reducing agent in the pharmaceutical industry. May use in the protectant during the developing process in the photosensitive industry.